Saturday, April 14, 2007

The trinity of the soul

Keeping in mind that the soul body is the second level of the bodies of man, as explained previously, each starting point has 2 levels above. The soul body has it’s own trinity to deal with. Starting from the soul body, the next level is the angelic body, and the one above that is the archangelic body. The archangelic body looks identical to the angelic body, which looks identical to the soul body.

So here man as a soul has a trinity of soul, angel, archangel. Do not be confused, for this is a mathematical progression of a linking chain. The highest body a person becomes aware of at any given level is the 3rd person on the trinity. At the level of the physical man, the highest person one can become aware is the angel. Sorry, but no man sees God, while a man, but the representative of God is what can be visible to us, which is the angel.

From the level of the soul, the governing body is the archangel, for it is the highest level of the trinity of the soul. The immediate God of the soul is the archangel, which are sometimes referred to as princes, Hence, each living soul has an angel and an archangel connected to him or her.

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