Saturday, April 14, 2007

The trinity of the angel

The angelic body is the 3rd person on the level of bodies. It’s starting point may be referred to as the divine plain or heaven so to speak. The angel has a trinity to deal with and this trinity is the commonly known trinity of Father, son, holy spirit. These terms have confused many and I hope the analysis of the trinity of lights have shed some light on the subject. A light on each level. A light on the physical plain, a light on the plain of the soul, and a light on the plain of the angel.

Starting from the angelic body, the next 2 levels are the archangel, and the God head, which is an Elohim. The 3rd person on the trinity of the angels are the Elohim, hence the God of the angels is the Elohim. In this progression, we have known 3 levels of body, soul, and angel. Each of these having a trinity corresponding to the physical plain, soul plain, and the divine or heavenly plain. This also is a mathematical progression and as far as we know the levels of the trinity ends at the 3rd plain. The 3 above, commands the 3 below, though the medium of 3. From this analysis, God the Father is the Elohim, God the son is the archangel, God the holy spirit is the angel. BARAKATA means may blessing be upon you… I wrote this discourse on Saturday morning April 14, 2007. Ken Nunoo

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